Germania Tour Site 6

1875 Evangelical church Germania

#6 -- The “Methodist” Church

Location: N1968 Eagle Road

In 1875, the Colony erected a church for formal services, probably conducted by an itinerant pastor serving several area churches. An early picture shows a carriage building on the property, and a white picket fence along the front of the lot. An enclosed entryway was later added to the front of the church. The belfry contains a bell, manufactured in Cincinnati, OH, hanging from a floor-mounted cradle. At one point the belfry supported a long lightning rod topped by a weather vane. The church also houses an upright piano of good quality, manufactured by a reputable East Coast company. During cold weather, the building was heated by a potbellied wood burner located at the rear of the church, with a long stovepipe suspended from the high ceiling leading to the chimney at the front of the church. The building was built with care, as attested by how square the window openings still were when windows were replaced 140 years later.