Read More About John Muir

 Learn More About John Muir in Marquette County 

Besides reading The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, you might like to do the following:


1. Visit Vaughn Hall, home of the Montello Historic Preservation Society and view From the Old World to the New: the Dunbar, Scotland and Marquette County, Wisconsin Boyhood Homes of John Muir.  Located at 55 West Montello St.  Montello, Wisconsin.  Open Summer Fridays 4-7 and Saturdays 10 to 4 and by appointment.

2. Join the Wisconsin Friends of John Muir.  Visit their Facebook page. Button Below

3. Read Son of the Wilderness by Linnie Marsh Wolfe, considered the best biography of Muir.

4. Read The Heart of John Muir’s World by Millie Stanley, out of print but available at used book sites.  Extensive history of Muir in Marquette County.

5. Read Second Edition of Muir is Still Here available at, the Marquette County Tribune office in Montello, the Marquette County Historical Society and Montello Historic Preservation Society, B&B Candy Store and Reader's Realm Bookstore in Montello.  Extensive information about Muir’s neighborhood, as the well as the birds Muir loved and which can still be seen here. 

6. Join the Marquette County Chapter of the Ice Age Trail and/or take part in Muir’s Birthday Hike in April with the Wisconsin Friends of John Muir.

7. Read the kiosk at John Muir park.

8. Watch for special events each year held at John Muir Park and around Marquette County in honor of John Muir.

Visit the Marquette County Libraries in Montello, Packwaukee, Neshkoro, Oxford, Westfield, and Endeavor.